I'm Victor Herzfeld, an independent investment adviser and
fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® registered in California. 

Since 1987, I have developed particular expertise in market cycles.

I use a proactive investment approach.

I manage portfolios based on the understanding that every few years markets stop going up and make a top, then go down and
make a bottom
often declining as much as fifty percent or more.

If an adviser can track this movement, and take advantage of it by
buying lower and selling higher within the cycles,

It's possible to beat general market averages over time. 

This method of investing is called Dynamic Asset Allocation

My clients are attracted to the philosophy of
buying lower and selling higher

They like the idea of managing risk and maximizing returns by
locking in profits every few years.

They see wisdom in holding higher levels of cash at market tops in order to have more money to buy at market troughs--even though they may under-perform in the short term if markets move higher.

They don't mind leaving some money on the table, as no one can pick the
exact top or bottom.

They take comfort in an investment process that is consistent, persistent,
and effective. 

As an experienced Adviser and principal of Herzfeld Investment Management LLC, I strive to:

Appeal to Experienced Investors

Grow and protect client portfolios in both up and down markets, and

Provide a more personal and better investment experience over time.